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Class by: Zulhilmi

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Introduction & Description

Hi Traders, if you're struggling in forex out there. Good News!! I'm here to share my method and will be guiding you at a good price of $500/-. Below will be the list of items that we will go through.

1) Introduction of TAMMFX System
2) Introduction on Market Maker
3) The Structure
4) Peak/Traps/Patterns/Stop Hunts/ADR/Quarters/EMAs
5) Important Notes on Cycle Counts
6) Order Blocks/Breaker Blocks/Flipzones/Retest Zones/FVG/Liquidity Voids

This will get you started. Also, I will be adding you to a traders group to assist you more on this method and Live Trading at certain times.
So what are you waiting for? Do hit signup for the session and we can get started.

Aside from the classes, there will also be webinars held. There will be discussions on charts and everyone can share their views and create a community kind of bond.

Profit the pips,

What you'll learn from Zulhilmi

Here are the thing that we will go through

1)Understanding Market Makers Theory
2)Go through some slides and example
3)Go to some live charts and find setups together
4)Live Webinar sessions and analyze market review
5)Meetup twice a month for live discussions

Who Should Attend

Beginner level class


Writing materials. Classes will be conducted at Downtown East Coffee Bean(Temporary). Live Webinar will be held every Monday 2200hrs - 2300hrs(GMT+8)