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Class by: Gavin

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5 Sessions for $300 (Max. 1 pax) Buy

10 Sessions for $580 (Max. 1 pax) Buy

15 Sessions for $825 (Max. 1 pax) Buy

20 Sessions for $1000 (Max. 1 pax) Buy

5 Sessions for $450 (Max. 2 pax) Buy

10 Sessions for $880 (Max. 2 pax) Buy

15 Sessions for $1275 (Max. 2 pax) Buy

20 Sessions for $1600 (Max. 2 pax) Buy

Introduction & Description

I started lifting weights since 2010. And back then, i was clueless as to how to begin my fitness regime and it took years before i knew about programming and the much greater benefits it can bring as compared to going to the gym and doing whatever you felt like doing on that day. There is no magic formula so if you are looking for a shortcut, this is not the place for you. Over here, you will let me know your fitness goals, and i will help to lead you on the best path towards it. Achieving fitness goals are always simple but never easy.

What you'll learn from Gavin

Looking to lose fat? Build muscle and strength? Improve athletic performance? Train for a powerlifting competition? Or you just want to start exercising and improve general fitness levels? Let me know what are your goals and i will set you on the right path towards it!

Who Should Attend

Beginner level class


-All session bookings are to be confirmed every sunday otherwise, slots are not guaranteed available
-Price listed is for sengkang area. Other locations would be subject to extra charges.
-I do not conduct sessions at public or corporate gyms. (only home gyms, condo gyms, personal gyms or outdoors)
-Please bring own water bottle
-Shower facilities are available
-Free 1st time trial session is available but do ask beforehand.
-Before starting any exercise, you will be required to fill in health forms and sign waivers.