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Introduction & Description

If you want to start learning how you can invest, join our AlphaOne Online Training where we will guide you on how you can start Value Investing in the comfort of your own home!

Although the training is held online, we would make it as engaging and as hands on as possible, to maximise your learning.

What you'll learn from AlphaOne

Every Monday from 11 March to 13 May, 930pm

Session 1:
- Welcome/Course Agenda
- The Investor's Mindset
- Finding Stocks

Session 2:
- Stock Qualitative Assessment (Part 1&2)
- Peter Lynch's Stock Strategy

​Session 3:
- Financial Statements and Ratios

Session 4:
- Financial Statements and Ratios (cont.)

Session 5:
- Stock Valuation
- Financial Resources

​Session 6:
- Competition and Industry Analysis
- Dividends

​Session 7:
- Arbitrage Strategy
- Concept of selling
- Hold or Sell?

​Session 8:
- Regular Income Options Strategy

​Session 9:
- Portfolio Management
- Risk Analysis
- Market Fluctuations
- Investing Psychology

​Session 10:
- Financial Management
- Summary and Recap

Bonus Session (1030pm) Date TBC
- Live Investing Session

* sessions and content are subjected to change as trainer sees fit.

Who Should Attend

Beginner level class