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Class by: Augustin

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Introduction & Description

Are you tired of spending a lot of money on trading courses and they found out that they are not profitable ?

I'm a full time trader and I am able to assure that the setups I teach in my course will be able generate real profits. In order to prove that the system works I will provide trading signals that will yield nett pips of 600 and a profit factor of at least 1.5 using methods base on my system. Students will only pay 200 upfront for the course. Subsequent payment of $200 only AFTER the second and third 200 pips milestone has been reached. If all the KPI have been met, the total fees will be only $600.

What you'll learn from Augustin

Different types of trading strategies like Trending, Reversals and Breakout are all covered.

More than 50 pages of interactive course notes with images for students to refer to compare with live charts.

Who Should Attend

Beginner level class