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Class by: Nikolas

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Introduction & Description

Hi there! I'm Nikolas.

I started training at the age of 16 during year 2009, and decided to pursue a career in the fitness industry in 2016, where i joined True Fitness as a Personal Trainer.

A year later, I decided to proceed on to Fitness First as the same position for various reasons.
In the early 2018, I left Fitness First as a personal trainer and started my own gym solely for personal training service, as i believe there will be numerous benefits as compared to training in a commercial gym :)
- Full privacy! (Only 1 client at a time)
- No more weird stares from strangers making you feel uncomfortable.
- No more having to wait or share equipment!
- Own playlist during workout
- No membership fee required! (No need to dump a few thousand(for membership) on top of another lumpsum of money(for personal training) (Especially if you’re looking to start your fitness lifestyle for the first time)

Get started today by booking your free trial session! :)

Located conveniently in Sengkang

What you'll learn from Nikolas

1 to 1 personal training
- Tone up
- Muscle development
- Fat loss
- Injury rehabilitation
- Strength and Conditioning

Who Should Attend

Beginner level class