Muay Thai Kick/Boxing Self Defense

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Class by: K

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Introduction & Description

Fought/trained/workshopped in Thailand and Singapore with champions and good
fighters around the world with different styles and techniques since 2008
Conduct personal training outdoors and do training at your convenience if need
Cater to those who want to learn techniques movement and intense work out
Burns up to 1000 calories every session's cardio to healthy life style and to keep fit

Muay Thai/kick/Boxing Class
One on One Class ( personal training )
kids age 7 above students adults all ages & All Gender
Am someone to push you rather you do your own routine and slack

#If size mattered the elephant would be the king of the jungle
#impossible is just the word the weak use to justify giving up
#to hell with circumstances we create opportunities
#fear not the man who has practiced 10000 kicks once
but fear the man who has practiced one kick 10000 times
#never give up
#if you train at 100% you need to go harder
#champions aren't made in gyms they are made from something
they have deep in inside them a desire dream vision they must
have the skill and will but the will must be stronger than
the skill
#every champion was once a contender that refuse to give up
#respect all fear none
#you only live once

What you'll learn from K

Sharpen Alertness around their surrounding
Build mental and Physical Strength through Conditioning
Understanding the Concept of Hard Work and Focus
Release of stress and troubled thoughts
Loose Weight Enhance physique
Master Basic Self Defense and Discipline
Enhance Confidence and Self Esteem
Socialize with New Friends and have Fun

Normal mode or Beast! mode

Who Should Attend

Beginner level class


bring along water
bring along your gloves, if don't have got to purchase one around $25-45
dress code - sports attire and shoes