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Introduction & Description

Hi! I'm NK

Here’s a little background of my ‘fitness journey’, so to speak. I started going to the gym a little before my 15th birthday, so this will be my 10th year hitting the gym consistently, and people who know me personally will attest to that for each phase of my life. My secondary 3-4 friends will know I always went to the public Bukit Gombak gym after school because it was near my school; my JC friends will know I was always in the school gym if not at rugby training; my NS buddies will know I was always lugging whey protein into the jungle, fussing over the in-camp food and hitting the gym literally whenever I had spare time; my college friends can swear they see me in the school gym more often than they see me in class.

I’m not glorifying my behaviour nor am I promoting my mindset back then. I’m sharing so readers do not need to take the 10-year route I took to look the way I am today.

What you'll learn from Dino

Clients can expect to learn just about anything related to the fitness industry, from weight loss to sports nutrition to strength gain to muscle building to injury prevention.

Who Should Attend

Beginner level class


The venue will usually be a public gym, fitness corner, park or stadium; if you prefer a different training environment, special arrangements can be made.

Note: I live in the North. Additional charges may apply for travelling time.