Conversational Chinese (Beginners) Languages

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Class by: Ying Hui

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Introduction & Description

Hello, nǐhǎo. Are you thinking of picking up a new language? If so, why not pick up Chinese language? Chinese language has became the world's most widely spoken language and its gaining importance in the business world! Thus learning it will open the door to a lot of employment what are you waiting for?

About the teacher
I am an experienced teacher based in Singapore and have been working as a part-time language tutor while pursuing my bachelor in Chinese Language since 2012.
After graduation, I have worked in MOE Kindergarten as an English teacher for 2 years. However, my interest in teaching Chinese has never stopped. Currently, I am working as a freelance Chinese language tutor and I am glad to dedicate more time into my passion! I hope that my passion for teaching can inspire more people to learn this beautiful language.

What you'll learn from Ying Hui

I have designed the 10-days program as below

Lesson 1: Introductory Lesson
Lesson 2: Unit 1- Greetings
Lesson 3: Unit 1- My name is…..?
Lesson 4: Unit 1-I am fine, thank you
Lesson 5: Unit 2-How much is this?
Lesson 6: Unit 2- What Do you like to Eat?
Lesson 7: Unit 3- My job
Lesson 8: Unit 3-My family
Lesson 9: Unit 3- What would you like to do ?
Lesson 10: Revision

Who Should Attend

Beginner level class


My 1-1 classes are purely online course
If you prefer classes in physical classroom, you can consider the weekday class at Taman Jurong CC