Go Green-IT Training Guide to eCycle Parts Assemble Computer Hardware (Reusable PC components provided) - Gig Hobby Enthusiast Computer Skills

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Class by: Ken

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Introduction & Description

ECO-IT instructor-led training offering one-on-one in House Resident's on ECO IT hardware as well as Media work Training hands-on Task driven exercises for Green Practices

- Guide for a novice to become proficient in computing tasks. Exploring IT / Arts in retrofit and tuning; re-purposed PC workstation solutions at presenting the development in the acquisition of technical skills in Green-IT computing practices

Demo https://youtu.be/ZE-H-w7fFIw

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What you'll learn from Ken

Becoming PC Tech savvy both hardware and soft-skills
- Practically applied to IT work productively, appreciate channel resources via infotainment activities and turning up gig hobbyist
- IT literacy that derives abundance pool in generate marketable solutions from Mentoring Guide to Custom/Upgrade/eCycle parts/Set up Computer Hardware and Soft-skills

Who Should Attend

Beginner level class


Please standby handy tools kit: - such as Cross + Flat tip Screw Driver, Flat tip Pier, Pincer, Rubber Tape, Lighter Fluid, Torch Lite, Brush.