Build and Program Robotics for Kids (at the comfort of your Home) Computer Skills

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Class by: Empower Whiz Kids

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Introduction & Description

We understand parents are busy with work and other commitments but at the same time would like to equip and future proof your child with important life-long skill set such as, Robotics and Programming, that will help your child to succeed in the future.

EmpowerWhizKids are committed to educate and enrich your child where we will arrange qualified trainer to teach your child at the comfort of your home.

* 3 Hours Hands-on Building and Programming by certified Abilix Trainer (Worth S$240).
* Kids can choose to learn how to build and program Motorcycle, SeeSaw or Windmill (Choose 1 of 3 during signup)
* Recommended for age 5 years and above.

Youtube Video of Abilix K0 Robot:

Youtube video of Student build and programmed robot playing Happy Birthday Tone

Abilix is the official robot brand used in World Educational Robot Contest.

What you'll learn from Empower Whiz Kids

Learning Objectives
* Engage and motivate students to follow step-by-step instructions to build the model by themselves
* Develop students' logical and analytical thinking by asking them questions and explaining to them how movement is achieved and how robots can be applied to real world
* Students will learn to control and program constructed model through investigative and exploration activities
* Build students' confidence and provide the foundations necessary for success

Who Should Attend

Beginner level class


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