College Application Coaching by Recent Ivy League Grad Career

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Introduction & Description

Hello! This is Bravo. I recently graduated in 2017 from an ivy league school. I am now working in Singapore as an investments industry professional. Coming from a humble background, I was fortunate to have succeeded in the long and arduous application process and I would be more than happy to share my journey with anyone going through the same process, whether applying to US colleges or higher education in general.

What you'll learn from Bravo

I hope to help anyone have comprehensive knowledge of the following topics:
- Having an objective understanding yourself. Your goals, your drives, your passions. Why do you want to go to a good college?
- Which university is the right one for you? Liberal arts vs technical? Public vs private? US vs UK vs China vs Singapore?
- Application process?
- Secrets to selective college admissions
- Application essay review
- College interview help
- Personalized application game-plan
- College Life: what was attending a prestigious college really like?
- Life after college: a long-term view

Who Should Attend

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