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Over the past 6 years as a Personal Branding Coach and a Corporate Trainer, Amelia has worked with CEOs of Companies, Government Agencies, Educational Institutions (Junior Colleges, Polytechnics and Universities), Hotels, Hospitals and Teens at Risk at the Salvation Army Homes. To continue up-skilling her burning passion, Amelia has attained her ACTA Trainer and ICF Coach certifications. Till date, she is also an active Toastmaster evaluator & mentor and a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner. Her coaching and training approaches are rooted in confidence, neuroscience, and positive psychology. Amelia strives to understand her audiences’ motivational drivers, emotional intelligence, and communication methods to discover their own personal brands in these changing times.


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About "Builder Brand Booster"

Who is this for?

Speakers, Trainers, Coaches, Impact-Creators, Entrepreneurs, Authors & Anyone who wants to launch or scale their own personal brand

My sharing

  • LinkedIn SuperStar Profile MasterClass so that you achieve the highest 'All Star' Status
  • Unpacking Personal Brand MasterClass so that you can launch a new personal brand or scale an existing online or offline brand
  • Professional Mugshot Picture so that you can brand yourself credibly with good first impression

  • LinkedIn SuperStar Profile Upgrade
  • NESTO BMW First Impressions
  • Align Story to Brand
  • Presenting Yourself with Confidence


  • WHAT IF I DON’T HAVE A BUSINESS OR A BRAND? Whether you know it or not, you have a personal brand. The question is “how to effectively brand?” Branding is not only for businesses. ‘Builder Brand Booster’ is tailored specially for individual’s personal brands. With the tools covered in the masterclass, you will be able to launch your brand or scale your brand to the next level. Grow your personal brand because is it your reputation in the new business world.
  • IS 'BUILDER BRAND BOOSTER' SUITABLE FOR ME? I’ll be the first to admit that ‘Builder Brand Booster’ is NOT for everyone. If you: - are looking to heighten the impact of your self-presentations and getting more “buy-in” from your audience; - don’t like the idea of reinventing the wheel and want to learn science-based research & systems; - prefer to learn only the theory because the workshop will be very activity-based with actionable steps; - want others to pay attention to every word you say and take the action you want them to take; I can assure that you are investing your time in the right workshop.
  • HOW IS ‘BUILDER BRAND BOOSTER’ DIFFERENT FROM OTHER PROGRAMS? The reason why this is different is because I'm actually a practitioner and I'm implementing what I teach. I know many people out there are theory speakers but they're not practitioners. I'm showing you things that I actually do in my business as a direct result of diversity of brands and international coaching clients I work with.


* The Xpert has not opened up his/her schedule yet. Check back again soon!
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