Terrarium Making Workshop Handicrafts

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Class by: Jason

1 Class Package

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Introduction & Description

Have you ever hope to bring your garden indoor? Terrarium will do the job! A Terrarium, where your glass jar encapsulate a little garden will help bring mother nature indoor for you and your family to enjoy.

Spend your weekend with us in this terrarium workshop at J2 Studio to learn how to create your own terrarium with your creativity and imagination. This workshop will teach you the basics to create a landscape with living plants as well as allowing a bonding time with your family, friends or colleagues. After which, let your creativity do the job!

What you'll learn from Jason

Price range: starting from $35/pax
Duration: 2 hours

Cost includes:
* A pot of Fittonias
* All materials required (Layering)
* Different colours of decorative sands
* Equipment required
* Care Sheet
* Paper bag
* 1 FREE complimentary figurine of your Choice

Who Should Attend

Beginner level class


If you are interested to book workshop slots with us, do let us know of some details:
Name, Contact number, Number of pax, Workshop date.

You may contact us through 9792446 or j2terrarium@gmail.com

Our basic terrarium workshop cost $35 per pax with all materials & tools included and a FREE complimentary figurine :) Other glass designs will be chargeable at additional cost.

J2 Studio
50 Gambas Crescent, #10-15
Proxima @ Gambas
Singapore 757022