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Over the past 6 years as a Personal Branding Coach and a Corporate Trainer, Amelia has worked with CEOs of Companies, Government Agencies, Educational Institutions (Junior Colleges, Polytechnics and Universities), Hotels, Hospitals and Teens at Risk at the Salvation Army Homes. To continue up-skilling her burning passion, Amelia has attained her ACTA Trainer and ICF Coach certifications. Till date, she is also an active Toastmaster evaluator & mentor and a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner. Her coaching and training approaches are rooted in confidence, neuroscience, and positive psychology. Amelia strives to understand her audiences’ motivational drivers, emotional intelligence, and communication methods to discover their own personal brands in these changing times.

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Amelia shares more on how her passion for Public Speaking and Communication developed.

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Builder Brand Booster
<ul><li>LinkedIn SuperStar Profile MasterClass so that you achieve the highest 'All Star' Status</li><li>Unpacking Personal Brand MasterClass so that you can launch a new personal brand or scale an...

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Secret to Effective Communication
Amelia shares on her secrets to communicating effectively
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